Taking offering top-quality dental equipment as duty, HAGER offers the best dental led curing light, best director handpiece, best air compressor for duct cleaning, and so on. Also, Hager is an autoclave manufacturer in ahmedabad, owing to an R & D team, HAGER always offers an extensive range of dental devices.

Here, we provide customers with a top-quality dental unit/dental chair, a portable dental unit with air compressor, a dental handpiece, a central suction system, a dental curing light, a dentist stool, dental accessories, and others.

Dental Chair

You could actually understand the greatest manufacturing technology of HAGER in dental chair unit parts. In this category, we provide a wide selection of implant chair, computer-controlled chair, and integrated dental unit. HAGER’s dental unit is specially designed for meeting the strict requirements of dental practice.

Comfortable upholstery, convenient operating design, Multifunctional foot control dental unit, and all dental chair unit parts are the strong evidence to prove that HAGER takes all effort on manufacturing integrated dental units.

During the design of the computer controlled chair, we also take the people, workspace, technology, and workflow in mind. Therefore, we adopt the dedicated dental chair unit parts and advanced ergonomic design to build the dental chair.

Air Compressor

We are the direct distributor of the base mounted air compressor. Our compressor could resist up to 130 degrees of temperature. Stable performance, Low noise, powerful motor.

Detachable Handpiece

A smooth surface in dental handpiece holder gives the dentist a good operating feeling. The delicate dental handpiece bearings ensure the high precision of each dental handpiece, which makes each dentist could implement the procedure accurately and prevent other dental surgery risks. Our portable electric dental handpiece is your ideal dental handpiece.

Dental Suction

HAGER’s dental suction is a great suction system for a dental practice. What we offer is air-type dental suction, the most commonly used suction system. Our dental suction unit drives 2-8 dental units simultaneously. The driving volume depends on the machine model.

Best Dental Led Curing Light

We not only offer the best dental curing light 2017 with 10S working time. We also keep providing our clients with a premium curing light. Three working modes are available in Hager curing light ---- full, ramping, and pulse. The dentist could change the working mode, according to the actual practice.

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