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On this page, We offer the dental x-ray, intra oral camera, autoclave, and ultrasonic scaler. These are the other important dental equipment for dentists.

Dental X-Ray

The dental X-ray is used to picture the tooth root, bones, soft tissues around them through the dental x-ray sensor, helping the dentist check the health of the tooth root and bone surrounding the tooth. A portable x-ray is a great option for clinics that have a limited budget.

What Are the Use of Focus Dental X Ray Unit?

A focused dental X-ray unit is a specialized medical device used in dental clinics to take X-ray images of a patient's teeth and surrounding structures. The device emits a focused beam of X-rays that pass through the patient's oral cavity and onto a special X-ray film or digital sensor.


Dental X-rays are an essential diagnostic tool for dentists to assess the health of teeth, gums, and supporting bone structures. X-rays can help detect various dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, impacted teeth, and jawbone damage that may not be visible during a routine dental exam.


Focused dental X-ray units are designed to emit a minimal amount of radiation while still producing high-quality images. The low radiation exposure minimizes the risk of harm to the patient and dental staff. Furthermore, digital X-rays are becoming increasingly popular as they use even less radiation and provide instant images that can be manipulated and enlarged on a computer screen.

Intra Oral Camera

Compared with dental X-ray, the intra oral camera is used to take video, to help the dentist makes the assessment and diagnosis of plaque formation, gum diseases, dental cavities, chipped or cracked tooth, broken dental fillings, and other oral conditions.

Dental Autoclave

Dental Autoclave, also called steam sterilizer, is a machine that sanitizes the dental equipment after use. The working principle of the dental autoclave is it combat debris and bacteria through high-pressure temperature and steam. Therefore, we need to check autoclave medium pressure fittings regularly, to ensure the normal working of the dental autoclave.

What is An Steriline Autoclave?

A steriline autoclave is a device used in medical and laboratory settings to sterilize equipment and materials using high-pressure steam. It works by heating water to produce steam and then using that steam to sterilize items placed inside the autoclave chamber.

Wltrasonic Scaler

The wltrasonic scaler is a tooth cleaning instrument which not only could thoroughly remove calculus from the teeth in a gentle way but also produce minimal or no damage to the patient’s teeth and tooth roots. The woodpecker ultrasonic scaler is the king in the competition of a variety of dental wltrasonic scaler.

What is An Ultrasonic Scaler Used for?

An ultrasonic scaler is a dental instrument used for cleaning teeth and removing plaque and tartar build-up. It works by using high-frequency vibrations to create small bubbles in a water and air mixture, which then effectively removes plaque and debris from the teeth.


The ultrasonic scaler has a small, handheld wand with a metal tip that vibrates at a high frequency. The tip of the scaler is placed on the surface of the tooth and the vibrations break up the plaque and tartar deposits. A stream of water or other cooling solution is sprayed onto the tooth to wash away the debris and keep the tooth and gums cool during the process.


Ultrasonic scalers are preferred over traditional hand-held scalers for several reasons. They are more efficient and can remove plaque and tartar more quickly and effectively. They also reduce the need for scraping and drilling, which can be uncomfortable for the patient. Additionally, ultrasonic scalers are gentle on the teeth and gums and are less likely to cause damage or discomfort.

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